Hot, Hot, Hot in Bauan

Hey there!  This week was another one of high heat!  That’s alright though, can’t do anything about it, so i’ll just keep meltin’ for the next couple months.  What did I learn this week?  I learned that people are generally good!  People love the feeling of being friendly.  It feels like garbage when you’re mean to someone.  Maybe good in the moment, but afterwards, you’ll eventually feel like “garb” (shoutout to Mark Pike).

I also learned this week to focus on people. Building relationships is the best way to show pure Christ-like love.  Christ took time to teach His disciples in groups and individually.  We can do the same thing.  We just have to be consistent with who we are!  Once we do that, we can treat a big group and an individual exactly the same and they feel your love through your words and actions.  

We found some new people to teach this week!  They are, as I said earlier, friendly!  We’ll get back to them this Tuesday and see how they’re doing.  We’ve got a big vision for this place!  We’ve got goals and plans and we’re working hard.  I’ve realized the importance of agency here.  

Lehi’s dream is awesome still.  I’ve been testified to that Prophets and Apostles walk the earth today.  I’ve felt it as I’ve read their words.  The plan is grand!  I’m excited to keep up the hard work until the end!  I know it’s 2 months, but that doesn’t feel real.  For some reason it feels like a long time, but in reality it’s not.  22 out of 24 months out of the way? that’s 11/12. Which is like 5.5/6 which is like 2.25/3.  So anyway, I know it’s close.  I’m not counting days or anything, and I don’t plan to do so. NGUNNGU.  I love you all!  Have a great week!


Elder Tyler Burbidge

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