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Busy at Work in the San Pablo Mission!

Hey everyone!  I’m short on time today! Sorry po! And the pictures aren’t working, so I think, for now, you’ll have to wait until next week!

Cleaning out the mission storage area.

Cleaning out the mission storage area.

Anyway, we closed an apartment this week and ate some ribs in the City of Infanta!  We went on three different exchanges and I learned so much from the people that we exchanged with.  I love companionship study with them just because they have so many great ideas and our missionaries are the best in the world (no offense, but it’s true).  This week, we’re closing another apartment and doing some more exchanges out in the Quezon Province towards my second area of ATIMONAN. I’m so excited to go back through there.  Hopefully I can connect with one or two people that I’ve been able to meet in the past.  There are some families that treated me so well while I was there.

We’ve got some busy weeks comin’ up!  Mission Leaders Conference, Zone Conference, and a Ward Missionary Fireside, It’ll be interesting but very fast paced.  March is going to be a fun month.  It’s crazy to me that we’re sitting at 5 months left!  I had my quarterly interview with President Mangum last night and it was fun to sit and counsel with him about some of the things I should expect as time winds down.  One thing that I didn’t expect to be feeling right now is an extra boost of desire to do all that I can to help here.  To actually serve others, not just “exist” here as a missionary, but to really change lives and help others, along with myself, to improve.  I’m really excited for the next couple months.  I love all of you. Have a great week and be happy! 


Elder Tyler Burbidge

Picking up the mission van.

Picking up the mission van with Elder Pulido

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