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Loving the Mission Life in Bauan

Well hello everyone.  I guess there will only be about five more emails home before I come home so it looks like I am headed down the home stretch!  We got a lot of new investigators this week, but we’re struggling on getting them to progress. We feel like we’re finding those who have been prepared so well by the Lord to be taught and to receive the gospel, but there’s not much progression going on. I know it’s because there’s something better we could be doing in our teaching, so I’m going to find it. I feel like we need to focus more on the commitments and good effective follow up. So I’ll study that out.

My companion is doing well! We’re both still here in Bauan, so he’ll be takin’ me out! I’m excited to finish here in Bauan just because I feel like it’s got so much potential. Members live the gospel so well here. We’ll be giving a workshop to the ward council on Friday night about how focusing on convert baptisms would help each auxiliary to reach the goals that they already have established. I hope they catch the vision that a baptizing ward is a successful and happy ward family.

It’ll be a good week this week! There are no extra meetings this week so we’ll get out and work a lot. That’s one thing about training that’s a bit difficult. For example of Wednesday, we have district meeting from 9:30 to 11:30, we eat lunch and then study for 4 hours. So that turns into about 6pm that we get out. Only 3 hours of work and traffic is absolutely CRAZY here. It’s 30 minutes to get anywhere. So I can’t control any of that so we’ve just got to depend on the atonement and the grace and mercy of God and His plan that He is fulfilling.

I learned some cool stuff about prophets today. I’m re-doing my base lesson plans with my companion, because he’s a newbie, and so I was going over “Heavenly Father reveals His gospel in all dispensations” in lesson 1, the Restoration. I was reading about various prophets and came across ENOCH in the book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price. Enoch is in the bible too, but there’s not too much that we know about him if we don’t have modern revelation and a PROPHET today. anyway, what I understood in my study today, is that prophets TALK AND WALK WITH GOD. there’s no other way that mankind can know their true relationship with God, or know about the Atonement and purpose of Christ, or know how to act according to the first principles, faith and repentance, and the first ordincances, baptism and confirmation. Then right now I thought about Joseph Smith and his role as a prophet. he has TALKED AND WALKED WITH GOD. He has brought forth the Book of Mormon through the power of God which teaches us perfectly of the first principles and ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that there’s probably not many people that know the Book of Mormon better than Joseph Smith.

Prophets are absolutely essential. if you are not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and you want to know who the Prophet is, because you need to know, his name is Thomas S. Monson. He’s your key to knowing God =)

have a great week all of you!

Love ya from the Philippines

Elder Tyler Burbidge


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