Loving the Work in Calamba

Hey Everyone!

This week was good!  We found a new apartment, got it approved, and are moving in tomorrow!  I’m super excited to move in because it has a microwave!  We are now teaching several people.  Our upcoming baptism is brother Geo who is 16 years old and part of a family who are already members of the church.  He’s really cool.  We’re also teaching a senior couple who are both 76 years old, but have this strangely strong desire to change!  It’s awesome because our area is kind of hard to find new investigators in, but we’re doing it in faith!

We are basically starting a new branch of the church here in Calamba, so it is kind of hard, but I know it’s got to be important for me to be here and witness it!  It’s a strong witness to me of how true the church really is!  The organization of the Church is perfect and as I watch it happen here with this new branch, my own knowledge of the truth is strengthened.  It’s also humbling to be around great members that have a desire for true growth in their area of God’s Kingdom.
My companion is still hilarious!  We are pretty good friends now and everyday there’s always something new we learn together.  It’s so cool to me that I now have friends from all over the globe from the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Canada, and throughout the United States as well.  I’m loving the social aspect of a mission such as meeting new people every day that love to do this same work.
It is still the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but I’m loving it.  I’ll never be able to express the change that this mission has wrought on me.  I’m changing every day for the better.  This is absolutely the best and the most important thing I’ve ever done before, and I’m grateful for the support of those that I love!  I love and miss you all and am almost half way to coming back, so watch out!!!
Elder Tyler Burbidge
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