Hey all!

We have had a pretty busy week of missionary work here in Calamba.  We found 10 more investigators who we are excited to teach the gospel to.  And we also possibly found two apartments in our work area so hopefully we can secure one of them and move a little closer to our district.  We also talked to a group of about 20 Iglesia ni Cristo members who are a split-off from our church – which was interesting but didn’t lead to any serious prospects!

I have been missing home a little bit, and sometimes I just feel so disconnected from all of you back home.  I realize that I’ve been gone for about a year, and I get a little bit too excited sometimes about being home to be with you all again.  I don’t think about it too much but my mission president encourages us to ponder what we will do after the mission, so that’s when I get a little homesick.  Most of the time we are just so busy that I can’t think much of home – so it’s all good.

I am sorry that I haven’t been taking many photos lately!  I need to start doing it more.  I am looking for a new book bag since the one that I brought out with me is almost in tatters.  The humid climate takes it’s toll on stuff like that!

I am looking forward to meeting our new mission president.  We get to formally meet him on the 4th of July!!!  I’ll make sure to wear my red, white, and blue tie and bring my America handkerchief, just so he knows that I’m still true to the red, white, and blue!

I guess that’s about it for this week!  I love you all and appreciate your support!

Elder Tyler N. Burbidge

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