Missionary Life in Atimonan


My companion and me near the sea.

My companion and me near the sea.

Hey everyone, this is Elder (Tyler) Burbidge checking in from the beautiful town of Atimonan still.  This week was tough because we were only in the area for two days because of various meetings we attended throughout the mission.   This area is beautiful, but it is pretty much out in the sticks so it takes a while to get anywhere!  I’m learning a lot – especially how much I need to change to qualify for salvation!  So I am striving for that and know that despite any struggles I might be having, it’s going to make me better in the end.

Beautiful Atimonan sunset!

Beautiful Atimonan sunset!

I have gained a stronger understanding that we need to apply what we learn.  I was terrible at doing that before my mission, but I am developing that trait and hopefully will get better at it as life goes on.  Things that make me happy include seeing an investigator smile, making my companion happy, getting emails from home and Hunter, and feeling the love of God.  Oh, and doing the right thing makes me happy too – so I am always striving to be obedient and make good choices.

My mission president is great – he loves the missionaries so much.  He’s such a great example of understanding how we need to be in order to obtain the blessings of heaven.  He was explaining that people just expect blessings without applying the gospel, but that is exactly what a person needs to do!  Blessings come when we act and apply the gospel in our lives – so that is one of the most valuable lessons I have learned from him.

Some of my best experiences here in Atimonan have been seeing our investigators change!  We also were able to teach a lesson on the beach to someone last week so that was pretty cool!  I also have enjoyed meeting those that are so devoted to the gospel here in this area – the members and recent converts are amazing.

I appreciate you all back home and would ask you to pray for a set of ten year-old twins that we are teaching right now so that they might receive an answer to their prayers.  We have a couple of other investigators that are trying to come closer to their Heavenly Father so pray for them as well!

I love you and appreciate all of the support from home.  I miss my family and friends but love the work I am doing.  Take care and I’ll write again soon!


Elder Tyler Burbidge


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