Loving Life in Atimonan

Hello all!

Magandang Hapon sa inyong lahat!  Masaya ‘ko dito sa Atimonan!  I’ll tell you, there is nothing like a nice beach-side fishing town! I wake up every morning to the smell of toasted coconut! It really is like living in paradise!  But that’s not the cool part!  The cool part is seeing the lives of people change! We will be baptizing a brother this upcoming week.  He’s been through a lot and I feel privileged to have taught him!

My “greenie” or “anak”, as we say here in the mission, is great!  He’s obedient, happy, hardworking, loving, and Filipino!  That last part comes in handy sometimes!  I’ve been doing a lot of walking!  In my first area, Lucena, we would take tricycles and jeepnies everywhere, but here we just WALK, WALK, WALK.  It’s nice because it gives us time to admire the beauty of the area.  The language is still a pill, but I can see progress!

Me and my "greenie" companion near the beach.

Me and my “greenie” companion near the beach.


It’s so awesome to be here right now doing this work.  Sometimes I get irritated because all we do is “teach lessons”.  But then I have to remember…that’s not what we’re doing – we’re changing lives.  It’s so amazing to see the change that comes to the lives of those who accept the message we have to share.

Other than that, I ate shark again this week, a foot-long spicy chili dog from a street stand and (drum roll please) HORSE ADOBO!!!!!!!  It was suuuuuper good.  Probably won’t eat it again though, it was a little weird.  The shark is super good though.  Oh, and pandecoco is bread filled with coconut goodness.  It’s great!

The spicy foot-long chile dog!!

The spicy foot-long chile dog!!


I’m happy here and I love you all!  Be happy and work hard!

Elder Tyler Burbidge
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