Another Quick Blog Post from Lucena! 1/13/14

Hello everyone back home – this is just a brief blog post because the computer I am on keeps crashing out!  We have a baptism coming up this week! I’m not actually doing the baptizing, but that doesn’t matter! It is a 16 year-old girl who we have been working with for the last few weeks named Angel.  She’s pretty cool and way converted to the gospel so I am excited for her to be baptized!

I’ve learned something essential to life this week, that we need to live central to ‘the doctrine of Christ’.  This realization completely changed my outlook on everything in life.  Check out 2 Nephi, Chapter 9 for that – especially verse 31. Pinakahuling verse in that chapter!   Also, I’ve been studying Abraham. I’m not sure how much any of you have studied the Pearl of Great Price, but it is all extremely deep stuff.  There’s a verse that said, ‘eternity was our rock, our covering, and our salvation,’ which I thought was pretty cool.  I’m also learning how to be a better father when that day comes.  I’ve been studying a lot of alma 36 & 37ish and the counsel that Alma gives to his sons is way cool stuff there.  It helps me become a better teacher right now but also to prepare for the future.  That’s weird huh!

I love you and miss you all so much, but I’m happy to hear that all are doing well even if there is cold and flu going around!!


Elder Tyler Burbidge

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