Quick Blog Post from Lucena! 1/5/14

This week was good!! Missionary work continues to be, well, work, but that’s what makes it fun! New Years Eve here was out of this world. It’s like 4th of July in the states but a million times louder. People make their own dynamite (pretty much) and light it and chuck it. It doesn’t seem to matter if it goes under a car, on someones’ roof, or right next to some missionaries walking down the street. Crazy stuff!

We’ve found some new investigators this week and they’re such great people! It’s so cool that i’m starting to really be able to understand the language and what is going on around me. There are times where I have no idea what’s going on, but then at other times it feels like we’re speaking in English. So cool, right?

It doesn’t feel like much is changing, but i’m trying to focus more on others and not so much on myself. I know that’s an obvious thing to do as a missionary, but i’m really trying to emphasize that this week. I hope you all had a great holiday season!! ‘Til next week!


Elder Tyler Burbidge

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One thought on “Quick Blog Post from Lucena! 1/5/14

  1. Mary Roberts

    It’s great to hear you are getting more comfortable speaking the language. I have to wonder if you’ll miss speaking it when your back in the states. I bet you will, then you’ll hear it when you’re out and about and recognize what they are saying and we’ll have no clue what you just heard. Good times to come for sure. Keep up the good work though. NGUNNGU

    I saw Alex Watkins over the break. I think he’s taller then the last time I saw him. You all have changed so much since graduation, it’s amazing.

    Wow, New Years sounded like a war zone and I thought I had it bad here. You would think people would be mad if someone threw it so haphazardly around. But I guess if you’ve grown up with it being that way it’s “normal”:

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