Still Working Hard in the Philippines!

The holidays are fast approaching! Elder Burbidge and Elder Sinilong in their apartment.

Hi everyone!  This blog will be more photos than words, but thats probably more interesting anyway!  We did a lot of teaching this last week and a lot of service.  Sometimes I prefer to be providing service to the people here, but we also teach folks about how to use their free agency and to make good choices, which is really the best thing we can do for them. Sometimes I get overwhelmed because I feel like I’m always solving other people’s problems.  But I know that’s what Christ does, so I know it’s helping me become like Him which means I am on the right path.

Elder Burbidge and his group of missionaries.

Elder Burbidge and his group of missionaries.

We are teaching a man named RAD.  He’s 46 years old and lives with his mom, but his faith is way strong.  We enjoy teaching him and helping him overcome many issues.  It’s amazing how when you help people out it takes emotional, spiritual, and physical energy right out of you!  But it is worth it!

Here piggy piggy

Here piggy piggy


For the past few days we have been on a rat hunt in our apartment.  There is evidence that he comes around due to the “excrement” he leaves on my study desk!  And I estimate this is no small rat!  We have tried poison to no avail so we are thinking about getting the cat that periodically comes into our apartment and turning it loose!  Or we’ll just go get a trap and hope it works!

Elder Burbidge and freinds.

Elder Burbidge and freinds.

Planking on the mission.  Some things never change!

Planking on the mission. Some things never change!

Well I guess that’s about it!  I love you all and thank you for your support.


Elder Tyler N. Burbidge

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