Quick Update from Siniloan

Hey Everyone!

This week was a good one!  We had Mission Leaders Council, midweek coordination with our branch mission leader, church on Sunday, branch council meeting, and two new families to teach!!!  We’re finding families like crazy through the members here and it’s so awesome!  I love it!  To see a family progress together is so cool to watch!

I don’t have much time, but we also went hiking at some falls, played some basketball, and ate some buffalo wings this week!  I’m missing home a little here and there, but I know that I’ll be home and missing this before I know it!  I’m enjoying the mission and the things that I’m learning about myself just through application of principles and doctrine.  I’m happier than ever!

I love you all and know that you have happiness available to you at all times!  It’s about trust in the One that created happiness!  Be the best you can be and live up to your potential!

Elder Tyler Burbidge

Elder Burbidge, Elder Lyon, and Sister Ott on a P-Day activity.

Elder Burbidge, Elder Lyon, and Sister Ott on a P-Day activity.

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