Missionary Life Continues

Participating in a service project - cleaning out a gutter!

Participating in a service project – cleaning out a gutter!

Hello everyone!  This last week was pretty good!  We had an investigator pass his baptismal interview this week and I’m baptizing him on Saturday!  He’s 11 years old and his name is Jonas.  His mother is a member but less active in the church and so he looks to us like his big brothers!  It’s way cool.  He takes care of himself pretty much and he thinks its hilarious when I speak English.

We’ve been getting member referrals like CRAZY!  We got six new investigators this week from member referrals so I have really come to realize the power of the members- they are amazing!!

My companion is still pretty new to the whole missionary thing.  We are starting the second transfer cycle of his training and it’s going well.  We continue to work on our cultural differences, which is a big part of being a missionary in a foreign country.  We get along great and I am very thankful for him!  My apartment is pretty small, but we have air conditioning in our bedroom, which is a luxury!

The Atimonan Pier.

The Atimonan Pier.

I’m not going to lie, the language is still troubling me!  I am able to communicate fine, but it’s just learning the vocabulary that slaying me right now.  If anyone has any pointers of super handy suggestions in this area, my ears are always open!
Well I’ll sign off for now, but i want you all to know how much I love you!  Keep doing the work of the Lord, too!  Continue to be happy.  The gospel is for everyone, even though it feels like folks might reject it you gotta keep truckin’ along!  I miss home, but the Philippines is starting to feel like home (except that it is dang flippin’ hot all the time)!


Elder Tyler Burbidge

Typical section of highway through Atimonan.

Typical section of highway through Atimonan.


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