A Little Bit Rainy in Lucena

Good afternoon to you all!!! how are you doing? I hope you’re happy!! I’m happy here in the PHI. We are doing great!! I will be training another new missionary probably for the next 12 weeks. I got the assignment today! I’m excited but pretty nervous because it will probably be in a new area too! that’s alright =) I’m loving Lucena right now!

We are teaching a family of 4 and about three or four other people who really are excited about what we have to teach them; that is HOW TO BE HAPPY. that’s what my life is right now! Helping others be happier. I love it. It is so fulfilling and I get to do it sa ibang wika! parang mahirap yung tagalog, pero iyaw ko sa ibang paraan!

If you ever have any questions about life, check out my church. We’ve got the answers your looking for. It might feel a little weird at first, but i can tell you that the ONLY way to TRUE and EVERLASTING happiness is through this church.

I’m getting pretty tan! I’m either good at the language or I’m getting darker because all of the people in my ward call me Foreignoy! (Pinoy is a term used for Filipinos hence foreigner+pinoy=foreignoy).

I wore my rain jacket the other day! It was raining and actually a little bit cold! it felt weird covering up the white shirt and tie! gave me a taste of a Russia mission…. not really. I hope you are all happy and striving to be better people every day! NGUNNGU!


Elder Tyler Norwin Burbidge

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One thought on “A Little Bit Rainy in Lucena

  1. Monica davis

    Tyler! Thank you so much for your weekly emails! They truly make my day! I so love hearing about how you are growing weekly in your mission. I am amazed by your work and commitment away from home plus you make me laugh. I know you make your parents proud, as i would be if you were my son. So keep doing what you are doing and I will continue to keep you and your bro in my prayers! Just letting you know that you are impacting more than the people of the Phillipines! Lots of love all the way from Tumwater. Monica Davis (Maddie’s Mom)

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